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My name is Mary Morgan and I graduated from TWU in Denton, TX. I am certified in Early Childhood Education thru 6thgrade and ESL certified and this is my 14th teaching. The 2013 senior class was the first Pre-K class in Petrolia. I was also an ESL aide in Nocona for 5 years.
My favorite part of the school day is center time when I get to play/work with the kids and they tell me the funniest things.

Family Info: My husband is Quinn who has put up with me for 22 years, and 2 wonderful sweet loving children Adan-10 & Abbigale-9.

Fun Fact: My husband and I were born the same month, same day, same year, same hospital and our moms shared a room together in the hospital. He is 7 hours older than I am. I guess you can say we are soul mates.

Quote: “Holy Guacamole!”

Conference Time: Don’t have one unless you count nap, 12:00-1:30.